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HirePad is a SaaS (Software-as-as-Service) career site system that integrates seamlessly with your ATS to run your career site. It automates key attraction activities to bring candidates directly to your career site from multiple recruiting channels, enhances the candidate job search and apply experience, improves application conversions and gathers the vital data to help corporate recruiters understand which channels perform best. HirePad includes:

Custom job search with Google maps integration

The job search can be as simple or as advanced as needed and is integrated with Google maps to enhance the candidate experience.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Very few jobs that sit in an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) are found by search engines but by using HirePad, your jobs can get indexed by the search engines bringing  candidates straight to your own career site to apply. No more getting lost on job boards and being directed to competitors.

But SEO is about more than just getting your jobs out of your ATS so we make sure every other part of the process is optimised to perfection.

Multi-posting to free job aggregators

To help your search engine presence we automatically multi-post your jobs to the best performing free job aggregators such as Indeed and SimplyHired. This helps you beat the job boards by taking up yet more space on the search results page.

Social network integration

We build your Pages, integrate your ATS, multi-post your jobs, manage your social advertising campaigns and track your results so that you don’t waste time and money on social recruiting activities that don’t work.

Facebook Apps

Everyone seems to want a jobs App so we've built one one but Apps don't stop at jobs and neither do we. If Facebook is your thing then we've got lots of ideas that we think you'll "like". 

Social talent pooling

We believe in going to the best people which currently means Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. We show you how to use widgets and apps such as “Apply with Linkedin” and “Follow Company” buttons to make it as easy as possible for passive candidates to show their interest in your company. 

Job alerts

Not exactly a new idea but candidates still like to know when that perfect job becomes available. But we’ve added better social messaging to go with e-mail, text and RSS to give more choice. We also show you how to turn the reactive job alert into a talent engagement tool.

Mobile compatibility 

HirePad is built to work on any platform so no need to worry about buying additional Apps for iPhone/iPad, Android or Blackberry. But, your ATS may not be as mobile friendly so we show you how to maximise mobile without blowing your budget.

Applicant Tracking System integration

With an HR-XML compliant job interface or via the ATS API we can integrate however you want. With live integrations with Lumesse, Taleo, WCN, Bond and AMRIS plus more to be added, don’t let your ATS hold back your recruiting success.

HirePad also integrates with multiple systems for a single client providing a personalised job aggregation service to make job searching easier for your candidates.

Custom landing pages

Dedicated pages are created for campaigns and specific job areas that help with both SEO and conversion success. These pages can be continuously tested (A/B split testing) to maximise the number of completed applications and reduce the cost of your advertising. Simple stuff often ignored!

Referral module

Urban myth or the best thing since sliced candidates. Make the most of our integrated referral module to give employees and candidates the option of sharing jobs with their friends privately or via social networks.

Advanced analytics dashboard

With so many channels to track we bring the data into one place so you can see where your candidates and hires come from. We give you the missing link for true recruitment ROI.

Careers website CMS

Although HirePad can be used just as an App it can also power your entire career site; every single page of it. It'll still be mobile friendly, fully accessible and branded however you want it but because our CMS (content management system) has been built from the ground up by us, we are not restricted by the so called "free" platforms like Wordpress, Drupal or Umbraco. Your career site functionality is only limited by your imagination rather than your budget. 

If Tesco Careers, Tesco Bank, Tesco Graduates and Krispy Kreme all like our careers website CMS we're pretty sure you will too.

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